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Our Theory

Birthing is not an intellectual process but a physical one, which is why we need to prepare for it in different ways than just researching or reading about it. The female body is physically designed to birth babies. The body works at its best without any interference from the mind during the process. We have to train our mind to switch off our conscious and let the body work undisturbed from destructive thoughts.

To be mindful is to be able let go of your thoughts about the past and future, which can reduce stress and tension in our daily lives. Not to escape from these thoughts, but to have the courage to stay and relax in the present and welcome the surges. To be able to be mindful also has many advantages after the birth as a new parent.

Hypnobaby has chosen to combine the power of being mindful as a useful preparation technique with the power of deep self hypnosis during birth. We learn about the state of mind and its effect it has on the physical body eg hormones, muscles as well as your general well being.
The Hypnobirthing method is based upon the British Katherine Graves model.