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The Course

You and your partner walk away with knowledge and a toolkit of exercises to practice with at home. The more you practice, the greater the likelihood becomes of you birthing calmly and peacefully. You will feel prepared to be able to make the right decisions in different situations. We will also practice to handle our fears and anxieties by learning to trust our natural instincts and body.

1. Physical and mental preparation for birth.
2. Practical meditation exercises to become more mindful and self hypnosis to build a positive focus and self confidence.
3. Massage techniques that brings out your natural feel good hormones, our natural pain relief.
4. Breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques that help you control the surges.

1 . Increases the likelihood of having a calm, peaceful and comfortable birth without the need of medical interferences.
2 . Your baby arrives into a calm environment ready to bond naturally.
3 . Our experience and statistics show that Hypnobabies appear to be calmer and content, hence sleeping and feeding better.
4 . Calmer and often quicker birth processes.
5. The mother tends to recover quicker as its less likely to have physical damages from a Hypnobirth.

The cost of the course is 3250 sek (webinar price) per couple and this includes a course for you and your partner over a weekend, a copy of our course information pack, a set of relaxation audio files, and on going support, available on phone or email, right up until the birth of your baby. During pandemic times, the course will be held online via Teams between 10:00-15:00 over two days.

We hold courses in Stockholm and Malmö.
For other locations please get in touch to discuss options.