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Andrea Christensen, Hemmafödsel, Nacka
Hypnobaby: Celine

We had a planned home birth, which was magical. She was 12 days overdue, so I was nervous I was going to be induced, but luckily that was not the case. From the time when our midwife arrived, she was out 2,5 hrs later (my other midwife arrived just before she was out). I opened from 5 to 10 cm in 1 hr 45 min after midwife arrived so it went fast. Emil could barely register what was happening when I was pushing the baby out as he kept waiting for me water to break so that the labour ‘would start’. I am so happy that I gained the courage to give birth at home even though it was my first. Thank you for all the encouragement during your course.

Klara Svensson, 'Trettio plus trevar' podden
Hypnobaby: Sam

Somewhere in the middle of my second pregnancy, with my second boyfriend who would now have his first child, I read an article in a pregnancy magazine where the reporter had tried out various forms of birth preparation methods, including hypnobirthing. She strongly recommended it. So I signed up. Suddenly me and my partner were in a room, opposite each other, on a chair each. We were asked to breath together in a rhythm. We caressed each other and trained on affirmations. We thoroughly went through how the psyche/mind physically affects the body, and how fear can block a fully functioning woman’s body from doing what it is automatically designed to do, even if it is in a coma: giving birth to children.

Hypnobirthing focused very much on how mother and baby interact and that childbirth is a collaboration. It is a natural process. The body knows what to do. Trust your body. Natural, natural, natural. Calm and safe. The course taught very good relaxation manuscript that my partner and I practiced to almost every night. The most important thing in hypnobirthing is to practice how to deal with changing or unexpected situations. It never turns out as you imagined. And that in itself does not have to be bad.

Release the control and allow the body to show the way. It sounds extremely a bit naïve, almost ditsy but the body really knows what to do. Your brain just sets a mental block for your body’s actions, disconnects it! In fact, I must say that hypnobirthing was really worth it. It got me and my partner in the right mindset.

Karin Sjunnesson, Stockholm

Last Wednesday, our girl finally arrived. Close to two weeks over time. Glad I didn’t have to be induced, which was booked for the Thursday. I did the breathing / relaxation exercises and hypnobirthing audio files and kept calm until I entered the pushing phase where I was offered laughing gas.

I thought the course gave me mental strength, so that I felt confident despite having been ill for 1 month ahead of birth. I am just so happy I went your course!

Evelina Lundmarck, Stockholm
Hypnobaby: Vide

Everything went really well – the waters broke Sunday night and he was born at 19 the following day.

Thank you very much for the great tools we got with us – what was most valuable was how well mine and Jesper’s collaboration worked after lots of practice and talking at home. We were a team and had to take care of ourselves pretty much. He is also super proud that he gotpraised in the journal.

By 14.30 I was open 4 cm and got into the bath. Jesper dimmed the lights and switched on our battery lights and music – We listened to Sigur Ros which we also had listened to at home. I bathed for 2 hours and fell asleep between each pain – so really managed to relax in the breaks. Was almost not awake for when the surges arrived. Very cool sensation! Jesper was always right next to me, reminding me to breathe deeply.

After a few hours it was time for the baby to come out and then we moved to a birth stoolwhere he was then also born. 2900g and 49cm perfection! The umbilical cord was delayed as wished for 40 minutes, skin to skin for 2 hours before weighing and measuring.

I was never scared or feel the feeling of not wanting to go on. I think this is what helped everything move pretty fast and that is thanks to your course. Breastfeeding also worked from the first second and he is a calm satisfied baby.

I am so impressed of the woman’s body and really recommend Hypnobirthing for women tojust believe in themselves and never hesitate to work together as a team.

Loo Thoren, Simrishamn
Hypnobaby: Laleh

On Friday night, July 20, I began to feel surges that lasted all night. I rested, listening to the meditations and breathed. In the morning, it became more difficult to handle it myself, so I woke Armin up who supported me until we arrived in Ystad at 7 am. Then I was open 5 cmso we got to stay.

At first it was manageable. Rested in the warn bath which was so nice. Then it became more and more intense and at 16pm the water broke which was meconium colored. During an investigation it turned out that the little one was breach. Apparently it was easier to detectafter the waters broke because we had confirmed earlier that she was fixed with her head down…

Here I had to decide if I wanted to do emergency caesarean section – which the midwife and the doctor clearly suggested that I should. Does not belong to the routines in Ystad to give birth to a breach baby, especially not as a firstborn. Some of me wanted to scream YES just give me pain relief and cut me open! But Armin reminded me that the body can handle it and I really wanted to give birth vaginally so we asked for it.

Then it took about two hours until I was fully dilated and started to get the urge to push. It felt extremely hard to resist the downward pressure for the last hour. Was totally surprised! I managed to resist both syntocinon and cut, and was so relieved when she came out. She screamed immediately and came onto my chest. I showered and felt the endorphins go through the ceiling. Such a powerful experience!

Am so grateful that I dared to believe in myself and my body and that I had the world’s best support on my side that did its utmost. It really felt like we managed together, we three!